Mrs. Stoner

4th Grade Reading/Science/Language Arts

740-467-2216 x3245

Mrs. Stoner has a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from The Ohio State University and a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on Children's Literature from Penn State University. As an undergrad, she was a member of The Ohio State University Marching Band and the O.S.U. Symphonic Band.  She has 19 years of teaching experience ranging from Technology Coordinator, computer teacher, first grade teacher, and 4th grade teacher. She currently teaches 4th grade at Millersport.

Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with family, being outdoors, reading, dabbling in art, and traveling.  She resides in Lancaster with her husband, her daughter, a dog, a cat, a bearded dragon, and two chickens.    


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 HEAT - Get help from the Science 
Textbook if you need it (p.F32)
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