Mrs. George

4th Grade Math/Social Studies

Mrs. George graduated in 2007 from Ohio University with a bachelor’s degree in Middle Childhood Education.  The two areas of concentration that she focused her degree in were mathematics and social studies.  In 2008, she received her Reading endorsement from Ohio University.  In 2008, Mrs. George received her first teaching opportunity.  She taught fifth and sixth grade social studies at Millersport Elementary.  After one year of teaching fifth and sixth grade social studies, Mrs. George moved to teaching fourth grade.  In 2011, Mrs. George received her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of New England.  As a fourth grade teacher, she teaches social studies and mathematics at Millersport Elementary.  Mrs. George enjoys teaching fourth grade and learning about her students likes and dislikes every year.

Mrs. George lives on a farm in Pleasantville.  Mrs. George has two dogs at her house.  Her dogs names are Daisy and Ozzie.  She lives with her husband, Justin, and three kids, Jonathan, Jackson, and Julianna.  In her spare time, Mrs. George enjoys spending time with her family and spending time outside gardening, swimming, and simply playing outside.  


Links:  Olympics-Greek Influences

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Math Games and Resources from Home- Advisor

 Social Studies:

Songs for math facts:

Two         Four            Six            Eight
Three      Five            Seven        Nine

Comparing Numbers:

Rounding Number Games:

Renaming Numbers:

Factors and Multiples:

Prime and Composite:

Multiplication Games: 

Multiplication Review:

Long Division:


Mixed Number:

Convert fractions to decimals:


Decimal Games:

Review games:



Vocabulary-Letter Fall
Vocabulary-Hang Mouse

Classifying Triangles
Classifying Quadrilaterals
Quadrilateral Shape Game

Symmetry Game 2

Perimeter and Area:
Interactive perimeter and area

How to measure angles video
How to measure angles video #2

Identify Lines and angles:
Parallel and perpendicular
Identify angles
Tic Tac Toe with angles
Lines and angles city questions

Measuring Angles Games

Measuring Angles
Measuring Angles
Using a protractor

Artie Ounces
Measurement subs
Units of capacity
Weight (customary and metric)

Perimeter and Area
Game on Perimeter
Choose from Area/Perimeter Games

Testing Review:
 4.OA.4 and 4.OA.5 Review
4.NBT.2 Review
4.NF.1, 4.NF.2, 4.NF.3, 4.NF.4, 4.NF.5, 4.NF.6 Review

Review games:

Business Math: 

Math station about Ohio
Ohio cities by population
Map of Ohio with cities

Ohio Information

Latitude and Longitude ABCYA Game
Latitude and Longitude Game 

4 regions in Ohio
4 regions in Ohio continued
Ohio's 4 regions
More on Ohio's regions
Ohio's regions

Roads (Zane's Trace)

Northwest Territory and Ordinance
Northwest Territory

History of Constitution
Celebrate the Constitution

3 branches of U.S. government
3 branches of government
3 branches of government information
More information of government

Election Information
Bill of Rights

Native Americans:
Prehistoric Native Americans
Native Americans for presentation

Ohio Inventors:
Ohio Inventors #1
Ohio Inventors Info #2 

13 colonies:
13 colonies artisan and trade
13 colonies (naming)

Immigration Activity
Immigration Data
European Immigration
German Immigration to Ohio
Irish Immigration to Ohio
Italian Immigration to Ohio
Slavic Immigration to Ohio
Immigration Video
Immigration Video #2

Name Meanings

Banking Kids Page
Making Change
Kids Economic Vocabulary with scholastic
Family Finances for kids with scholastic
Economics Games

Money and finances
Mini-economy project

Currency around the world

Social Studies Review

Fraction Games for Stations:
Fraction Games
Build a fraction
Fling the teacher
Fraction Strips
Decompose Fractions
Adding Fractions
Fraction training

Language Arts:

Personal Narrative Videos

Christmas Games:

Animal Defenses Video

History of Valentine's Day Video

Valentine's Heart Writing 

Ben Franklin Video
Ben Franklin Facts


4th Grade Blizzard Bag day 1.pdf


4th grade blizzard bag day 2.pdf


4th grade Blizzard Bag Day 3.pdf