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Softball Field

A message from the Board of Education

District Office Letterhead

April 26, 2021


Dear Walnut Township Local Schools Community,


The Walnut Township Local School District would like to provide some important factual updates, with evidence, in regards to the construction of the varsity softball field to address any misconceptions. The Board of Education has acknowledged that some information in the public domain is not fully accurate and would like to provide factual information pertaining to the planning, construction and naming of the new softball field with evidence of the facts being shared.






June 2018 Regular Board of Education Meeting – Public Participation



Tom Nebbergall gave an update on the softball field. Mr. Nebbergall informed the board that they broke ground on the softball field during public participation.


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August 2018 Regular Board of Education Meeting – Vote

Motion 17-404: Motion by Mr. Popo and seconded by Ms. King to approve the resolution to move forward with the construction of the new softball field.


Motion Carried: 5 Yes Votes


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November 2018 Regular Board Meeting – Communications Reports (Tom Nebbergall, Softball Coach)

Presented an update on the progress of the new softball field. Working on the drainage with the village and business to the front of the property. The trees were removed by Asplundh Tree Service free of charge. All debris was removed and the wood was donated to a local resident for heating this winter. There was a memorial from the Class of 1987, which will be replaced when the field is done. All financial donations for this project are going through the Athletic Boosters. There is a new baseball/softball facility in town called The Marlins. They are allowing our athletes to come and practice at their facility. They are supporting our program for growth and would like to possibly use the facilities in the spring/summer and generate income for our programs.


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November 2019 Regular Board of Education Meeting – Public Participation

Tom Nebbergall presented the latest drawing of the softball field. Drainage project is finished and the invoice should be forthcoming. Grass seed has been planted. First game will be this spring. The auction brought in approximately $8,500 in donations and, with the Athletic Boosters donation, we have approximately $13,000-14,000. Mike Stutske has graciously donated much time and effort in this project. We have a business, Lindsay Honda, who would like to have a plaque prominently displayed somewhere in the softball field, for a donation of $10,000.  Tom also mentioned the field will need a fieldhouse and restrooms in the near future. Mr. Cotner asked about using the current fieldhouse.


Handwritten Notes from meeting observer: Business wants naming rights to the field (Lindsay Honda) $10,000 over 10 years. Stated someone else wants baseball.


Communications Report (Mr. Cotner): Presented copies of the policies FF-Naming New Facilities and KH-Gifts to the District. Mr. Nebbergall stated they have approximately 20 banners sold and that The Commodore Bank and North Valley Bank want to be more involved in the school.


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December 2019 Regular Board of Education Meeting – Communications Mr. Cotner

Tom Nebbergall asked for a letter to Lindsay Honda for their contribution to the softball field.


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(Letter Drafted and Dated 12/12/2019)


Letter to Mr. Lindsay

Mr. Randy Cotner, Superintendent, sent letter to Mr. Lindsay and Mr. Nebbergall (sent via email on 2/19/20) stating the district’s appreciation for the generous donation. The letter states the district would recognize his participation in the project by “strategically placing a commemorative plaque at the softball field.”


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April 2020 Regular Board of Education Meeting – Communications Mr. Cotner

We have a new baseball scoreboard being installed, thanks to Lindsay Acura and Buckeye Lake Marina. Thank you to Stutske Construction who has been donating some phenomenal work throughout the district (i.e. underground drainage, removing structure and the playground). The new girls’ softball field is underway, but weather has not been cooperating.


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Letter to Mr. Lindsay

Upon receiving the $10,000 donation, Will Kirby, superintendent, resent letter to Mr. Lindsay identical to the letter Mr. Cotner sent dated 12/12/2019.


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District Investment in Softball Field Project

The Board of Education recognizes that individuals within the community believe the district has not expended any district funds to support the construction of the softball field. The district has in fact expended funds to support the softball field which are outlined below.







Stutske Construction


Softball/Field of Dreams


Dirt Work/excavation and grading

Storm sewer pipe, catch basins, grates/materials

Storm sewer install

Catch basin riser and asphalt repair


See Fiscal Packet


Doug Harkins


Dugout Metal Installation (After Wind Damage)


See Fiscal Packet


Millersport Athletic Boosters


Backstop/Fencing/Supplies (Donation from Mr. Lindsay reimbursing the Millersport Athletic Boosters)


See Fiscal Packet




Softball Field Electric Service


See Fiscal Packet



A sign naming the softball field “Lindsay Automotive Field” was erected on district property on or before April 5, 2021. After the sign was placed on property, the superintendent conducted a meeting with Mr. Nebbergall, softball coach, and Mr. Richard Spindler, Athletic Director, to discuss the sign on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. Mr. Nebbergall indicated during this meeting that the naming of the field was approved by the Board of Education and the prior superintendent. Mr. Kirby investigated this further by gathering Board of Education records, conversation with the prior superintendent, copies of invoices, and obtained a copy of a letter sent by Mr. Cotner to Mr. Lindsay thanking him for his generous donation. The letter indicated that Walnut Township Local Schools would place a “strategically placed commemorative plaque” in honor of Mr. Lindsay’s donation. The letter from Mr. Cotner to Mr. Lindsay did not grant naming rights to Lindsay Automotive. Mr. Kirby scheduled a Facilities Committee meeting immediately preceding the April 12, 2021 Board of Education Meeting to discuss the sign and naming of the field.


In the Facilities Committee meeting ( on April 12, 2021, the committee discussed the placement and design of the sign as well as the naming of the facility. The Facilities Committee reviewed policy FF (Naming New Facilities) and FI (Public Dedication of New Facilities). After the discussion during the Facilities Committee meeting and at the beginning of the April 12, 2021 Regular Board of Education meeting, Mr. Popo made a motion that was seconded by Mrs. Armstrong to amend the April 12, 2021 Regular Board of Education meeting agenda to add a resolution to redesign and relocate the sign as well as directing the superintendent to create a new sign honoring all donors ( Mr. Kirby is to bring a rendering of the new sign which is to include all donors, including Lindsay Automotive Group’s logo at the May 10, 2021 Regular Board of Education meeting. The motion was carried with five (5) yes votes and zero (0) no votes. The Walnut Township Local School District Board of Education did not take action to name the softball field throughout its construction and this is evidenced by the letters sent by Mr. Cotner and Mr. Kirby to Mr. Lindsay indicating the district will place a commemorative plaque in his honor at the softball field site.


The district has invested $20,350.00 towards storm sewer and excavating and grading of mounds and field per the estimate and invoice from Stutske Construction on the site, $1,468.00 in repairs after wind damage and $261.26 for creation of electrical service for the site. The total district investment to date has been $22,079.26 ($20,611.26 towards initial construction). As of today, a request to return the $10,000 donation to Lindsay Automotive Group has not been received by Walnut Township Local Schools. The Board of Education has further committed to honoring the generous donation of Mr. Lindsay and all those local businesses and individuals that have donated their time and financial support for this project through a new sign that will be prominently displayed at the new field in addition to a plaque honoring Lindsay Automotive Group specifically.


The Walnut Township Local Schools Board of Education have been and remain appreciative of the idea, design, and implementation of the creation of the new softball field by Mr. Tom Nebbergall which minimized tax payer funds to build the field. Mr. Nebbergall has gathered volunteers and contributed generously of his own money and time to the field’s completion. He is very deserving of the credit for making the field a reality for the softball team.


If anyone should have any questions pertaining to the softball field project, please contact the superintendent, Will Kirby, at 740-467-2802.


Best Regards,

Walnut Township Local School District Board of Education