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Junior Senior HS Open House

Virtual Open House & 7th Grade Orientation Student/Parent Information

Millersport Junior-Senior High School will be hosting a Virtual Open House for all students in grades 8-12 on Monday, August 24th from 7:00-8:00 pm.

Mrs. Terry will have a principal’s message for all students at 7:00, which will last approximately 10 minutes. Following the message, students can then log in to Google Meets to meet with their teachers. The links to all meetings are listed below. 

Students who are in the 7th grade may attend the in-person 7th Grade Orientation on Monday, August 24th. The groups will be divided as follows: 

  • Purple Group: 6:00-6:25

  • Gold Group: 6:30-6:55

Student Council members will assist in giving 7th graders a tour of the building and Mrs. Terry will give students information on what to expect as new Junior High students. 

Open House Links (Google Meets)

Mrs. Terry (Principal’s message) meet.google.com/dnw-adzs-voy 

Ms. Augsburger meet.google.com/zqg-uwoh-zxr

Mr. Brownfield meet.google.com/hez-ibpz-gaf

Miss Butts  meet.google.com/wrd-kimh-jsg

Mrs. Cassady meet.google.com/tan-ichx-rdn

Mr. Coward  meet.google.com/trn-oysm-nsj

Mrs Dupler meet.google.com/fzw-mywo-wep

Mr. Harris meet.google.com/tzw-kotm-tmx

Mrs. Hedges meet.google.com/oec-rowe-qsd

Mr. Hines meet.google.com/zsn-jauf-mjn

Mr. Howard meet.google.com/btq-mhwd-xxx

Mr. Keener meet.google.com/zgn-sqdp-any

Mrs. Lawson meet.google.com/igt-bkhi-yqh

Mr. Mick meet.google.com/wip-fxrd-fit

Mrs. Montanez meet.google.com/acy-qnma-pip

Mrs. Peters meet.google.com/tpc-afaz-awv

Mr. Phipps meet.google.com/ewo-zynu-pop

Mrs. Randolph meet.google.com/abj-frwa-bxg

Mrs. Reed meet.google.com/ajn-fyox-tzc

Mrs. Ryan meet.google.com/ikg-wgpt-ika

Mrs. Savage meet.google.com/bpy-wdyc-mgo

Mrs. Schroeder meet.google.com/bja-svgx-hmh

Mr. Stout meet.google.com/qjh-nbnn-iuo

Mrs. Wiles meet.google.com/dor-eooj-urf

Mrs. Workman meet.google.com/apa-apmj-qgr