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2020-2021 Reopening

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*If you select option #2 you must complete the application and submit it to your building principal by 4:00 p.m. on August 5, 2020 

Per guidance from Governor DeWine, the CDC and ODH, the Walnut Township Local School District will require facial coverings at all times for students and staff unless an exception applies. Applications for exception will be available to families beginning August 3, 2020.

·         Students will be responsible for providing their own facial coverings at school and on the bus.

·         Facial coverings are required for all students on district transportation.

·         Face shields will be permitted as an alternative to utilizing face masks.

·         Employees are required to wear facial coverings.


Exceptions include:

·         Not advisable for health or developmental reasons.

·         Working alone in assigned area.

·         There is a functional reason for a student not to wear a facial covering. 

  • Forthcoming in August 
  • Please refer to the Laker Learning Plan for expectations.
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